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Stevivor GOTY 2019: Best PS4 game/exclusive

An easy selection.

Stevivor’s GOTY Awards for 2019 start today with the best PS4 game of the year.

Stevivor’s Best PS4 game/exclusive of 2019

Quite honestly, it wasn’t a difficult decision for Stevivor’s staffers, with a majority of us selecting Concrete Genie as 2019’s best PS4 game. It beat runner-up Days Gone for the honour… and no, we’re not awarding Death Stranding a single thing.

Concrete Genie is beautiful, endearing, charming and simply adorable,” we said in our review of the title, adding that it was, “gorgeous and thought-provoking.”

Join us from now until the end of the month, as we’ll be unveiling Stevivor’s GOTY Awards until dawn of 2020. You’ll find a full list of awards below.

Stevivor GOTY Awards 2019