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Get ready for PS5: How to move PS4 games to external HDD

The PS5 is almost upon us, and this handy guide will help you move PS4 titles over to an external HDD, perfect to plug into your next-gen console and carry on.

PS5 UI shown off in new video

Sony has released a video that gives us our first real look at the PS5 UI, or user interface.

EB Games Australia advises of PS5 pre-order advancement error

A day after EB Games Australia contacted PS5 pre-order holders informing them that they'd been moved ahead in the queue and would receive their console on launch day, the retailer is emailing some to say that the email was sent in error.

Spider-Man Miles Morales Rhino boss fight shown off in glorious 4K

Spider-Man Miles Morales' Rhino boss fight has been shown off, in part, thanks to special coverage from Game Informer.

EB Games Australia pushing Xbox & PlayStation pre-orders to launch day

EB Games Australia has emailed post-launch PS5 and Xbox Series X pre-order customers, advising their orders can now be picked up on launch day.

Bloodborne at 60FPS could come from Aussie modder if not Sony

Bloodborne at 60FPS may become available through Aussie modder Lance McDonald if Sony doesn't want to release an update itself, McDonald has recently declared.

PSPlusPlays October 2020 comp all about Fall Guys

PlayStation Australia’s #PSPlusPlays October 2020 competition has been set and will revolve around none other than Fall Guys.

Ghost of Tsushima runs in 60FPS on PS5 via Game Boost

Ghost of Tsushima will run in up to 60 frames-per-second (FPS) in PS5 backwards compatibility thanks to the console's Game Boost feature.

PS4 to PS5 game upgrades detailed: Disc-based or digital

Sony has today detailed how PS4 to PS5 game upgrades will work for those who wish to purchase current-gen titles and take advantage of a PS5 version later on.

PS5 backwards compatibility explained: Availability, saves, peripherals & more

PS5 backwards compatibility was finally detailed by Sony overnight, with the publisher detailing how PS4 access, enhancements and game saves will work on its next-gen console.

PlayStation Trophy system changes detailed by Sony

PlayStation Trophy system changes have been implemented today by Sony, and we've got all the changes detailed for Trophy hunters.

Xbox takes a jab at the PS5’s vertical stand

Xbox has taken to Twitter in the wake of a PS5 teardown video, demonstrating how the Xbox Series X can go from vertical to horizontal orientation without the need for tools.

PS5 teardown video shows off the console’s inner workings

A PS5 teardown video was released by Sony overnight, giving us all an inside look -- literally -- at the console.

Ghost of Tsushima Legends multiplayer coming 16 October

Ghost of Tsushima Legends multiplayer will be added to the game on 16 October via its Version 1.1 update, Sony has today confirmed.

Demon’s Souls reportedly runs in 1440p, 60FPS on PS5

Demon's Souls reportedly runs in 1440p to hit 60 frames-per-second (FPS) on PS5, Digital Foundry has concluded by analysing the game's most recent PS5 Showcase gameplay.

Spider-Man Remastered changes Peter Parker’s face on PS5

Spider-Man Remastered will change Peter Parker's face on PS5, developer Insomniac Games has detailed alongside a number of other amendments.

PlayStation Plus October 2020: Vampyr, Need for Speed Payback

PlayStation Plus October 2020 free games were today detailed by Sony, and as usual, two PS4 games will soon be on offer for those who subscribe to the service.

Spider-Man Miles Morales game saves will work across PS4 & PS5

Spider-Man Miles Morales game saves will work across PS4 and PS5 editions, developer Insomniac Games recently confirmed.

Spider-Man Remastered on PS5 won’t be offered as standalone game

Spider-Man Remastered on PS5 will not be offered as a standalone game, meaning the only way to obtain and play it is through Spider-Man Miles Morales, Sony has confirmed.

Naughty Dog to rename Outbreak Day during the pandemic

Naughty Dog will change the name of The Last of Us' celebratory Outbreak Day in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the studio has recently declared.