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I'm a big fan of older consoles and can flawlessly complete the first 2 levels of Donkey Kong Country with my eyes closed. These days I still play platformers but also love shooters, arcade racers and action adventure titles. I may or may not be in denial about the death of rhythm games.


Mega Man 11 Review: Tough as nails

With over fifty titles to his name across multiple narrative timelines and gracing almost every platform that’s been on the market since 1987, Mega Man is...


Bravo Team Review: Out of sights

Supermassive Games has proven it knows how to do a VR shooter. Its last entry, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, was plenty of fun, extremely intuitive and loaded...


Ruiner Review: Size does matter

When I think of a twin stick shooter, I instantly remember the joy of carving through hundreds of aliens in Housemarque’s Alienation, the razor-sharp controls...


Plantronics RIG800HS: Review

Choosing a pair of headphones is as an important decision as choosing a car – albeit on a much smaller scale. Regardless of the application you’re likely...


Review: Steep

We’ve all seen the videos. You know the ones — beautiful people are frolicking around in rainforest waterfalls before sudden cuts to someone in a...


EB Games website struggles yet again

Once again EB Games website is experiencing problems thanks to massive interest in the NES Classic Edition. Yesterday EB Games posted on Facebook and...