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Zenimax’s Matt Firor on ESO Elsweyr’s Khajiit cat-like race

A purrfect opportunity for storytelling.

Stevivor used an The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr preview event to speak with Matt Firor, President of Zenimax Online, about the Khajiit, its cat-like race.

“The Khajiit are one of the two races of Tamriel that are older than all others. It’s the Khajiit and the Argonians; they were there before any other race came to Tamriel. But there’s not been a lot of lore about them in any of the other Elder Scrolls games,” Firor told Stevivor.

“With Murkmire, we kinda went into the Argonian story a little bit, but this is our chance to do it with the Khajiit, and we’re pretty excited about that. We did have Reaper’s March, a zone in the original game which was an Aldmeri Dominion zone that talked about the Kajiit and their interaction with the other two races, but this is our chance to really focus on just the Khajiit and their culture.”

Seasoned Elder Scrolls fans will know that the physical form of the cat-people of Elsweyr can range from the appearance of a domestic house cat, to a massive lion or tiger type of beast depending on which phase of the moon they’re born.

Previously, the Khajiit have only been portrayed in their humanoid form and while Zenimax had hinted at the possibility of various forms of Khajiit being present in Elsweyr, nothing had been set in stone… at least, until recently where cats can be seen in the below trailer which was released on earlier this week. We referenced that and asked Firor if players are likely to see Khajiiti in their various forms. His response: a resounding yes!

“More than any other Elder Scrolls game, a couple of them actually speak like the Alfig which is like house cat sized, but is intelligent and you’ll find Alfig merchants and other NPC’s around the game and there’s a version of the Sanche which is the larger lion looking form of the Khajiit so you’ll find there’s an intelligent version of that too,” he said.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr heads to Windows PC on 20 May 2019 and to Xbox One and PS4 on 4 June 2019. Keep it tuned to Stevivor for more info as it becomes available.

Jay Ball travelled to the UK as a guest of Bethesda to preview The Elder Scrolls Online. Flights and accommodation were paid for by Bethesda.


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