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Zenimax’s Matt Firor on The Elder Scrolls Online’s Necromancer

Feel free to play with corpses... just don't get caught.

Original story: The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr is dropping in a few short weeks. Ahead of its launch, we spent some time with Matt Firor, President of Zenimax Online to chat about the new (and often requested) Necromancer class.

Fans will already know that necromancy is frowned upon in Elder Scrolls lore and in many areas it’s an illegal practice. With that in mind, we asked Matt how necromancy would work within the established world.

“We have some NPC reactions if you do necromancy in front of them with the bounty system but you do get some dialogue options, especially in Elsweyr,” he said. “Obviously you can play as a Necromancer anywhere in the game so the bounty justice system part of that will work the same way they do if you back stab or pickpocket or steal something.”

We also pressed for some further info for veteran players who have already filled their 15-character slot allocation with avatars they can’t bear to lose.

“I believe the plan is we’re going to give one free character slot with the chapter and you can buy others if you want,” Firor said.

While on the topic of managing characters, we also asked if there would be an option to change a character’s class. The short answer is no. Firor said Zenimax has been “looking at that, but there’s no plans for it at the moment.”

Check back soon for more on our chat with Matt Firor. We’ve also just previewed The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr.

Update: Bethesda’s released a new trailer that details the Necromancer, and we thought it a good fit with this interview. Enjoy!

Jay Ball travelled to the UK as a guest of Bethesda to preview The Elder Scrolls Online. Flights and accommodation were paid for by Bethesda.


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