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Resident Evil 3 Inferno Nemesis final battle guide

Nothing like a little stunlock to frustrate you, eh?

Resident Evil 3 is out now, and this guide will help you beat Nemesis’ final form on Inferno difficulty.

The basics of the fight are just that: basic. You’ll have to active a railgun, fire it once, and then push back Nemesis in order to power the gun back up. To do that, you’ll need to destroy pulsing orbs on his body, stun him and then use that time to push three power cores back into position. On Assisted, Normal and Hardcore this is easily doable in 1-2 sequences, but on Nightmare and Inferno, you’ve just enough time to push one power core in per stun.

On Inferno, Nemesis is nothing short of cheap. He’ll deal devastating damage through the following moves:

  • One right arm slam, followed by a short pause and a left arm slam, then a quick right arm slam
  • Several (3, 6, 7, 9) left arm slams
  • Several left arm slams followed by a short pause and then a final one
  • A rolling ‘elbow to ground’ shuffle followed by a two-arm slam
  • A sweep attack that starts on his right arm, then left, then right

The real key to beating Nemesis on Inferno is to dogde his attacks and use a perfect dodge counter to shoot and destroy the orbs. Ideally, you’ll have played RE3 enough by the point of Inferno to have the Infinte Rocket Launcher, Iron Defense & Assault & Recovery Coins and the S.T.A.R.S. Field Combat Manual to make this easier. Load them into your inventory, pad the rest of it out with healing items, and then get to it.

Honestly, we recorded the first half of the below video before a recent Xbox One update and it seems like Nemesis is a little easier (ie: less cheap) than before. We’re unable to actually confirm if that’s the case, but let’s all be happy if it is. Our recommendations — including what not to do — are shown off in the video below.

Resident Evil 3 is available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 from 3 April.

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