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Resident Evil 3 locks guide: Be the Master of Unlocking

All safes, lockers, strongboxes and pickable locks.

Resident Evil 3 is out now, and we’ve a handy locks guide that will detail the locations — and contents — of each of the locks and safes found within the game.

You’ll need to unlock and open all of the below items to earn the RE: Master of Unlocking Record, which tasks players to unlock all safes, lockers, strongboxes, and pickable locks in the game.

We’ve listed items below, chronologically, and have noted the type of lock too.

  • [LOCKPICK] Downtown Subway Station: This a locker near the item box and save point in the safe room before ducking under the shutter and heading into Raccoon City. [Contents: Shotgun Shells]
  • [LOCKPICK] Downtown Toy Uncle shop: The lock is on the door to the toy shop itself. [Contents: Access]
  • [LOCKPICK] Downtown Donut Shop: This is on a locker inside the Donut Shop, right beside the door to the safe room. [Contents: Hand grenade]
  • [SAFE COMBINATION] Downtown Upper Walkway: This is the safe — combination 9-1-8. Alternate directions for each number [Contents: Dot Sight (Handgun)] (We’ve also had reports that this number might be 9-3-7.)
  • [LOCKPICK] Subway Office: This is in the same room as the Shotgun, securing a locker. [Contents: First Aid Spray]
  • [LOCKPICK] Subway Office Control Room: This is a case in the same room as the train route puzzle. [Contents: Shotgun Shells]
  • [LOCKPICK] Downtown Garage: This is on a locker in the same room as the Bolt Cutters. [Contents: Red Herb]
  • [LOCKPICK] Subway Power Substation (1F): This is on a locker in one of the corners. [Contents: Handgun Ammo]
  • [LOCKPICK] Subway Power Substation: This is the first time you’ll actually need to use the lockpick to progress — it’s on the door that leads to the Drain Deimos. [Contents: Access]
  • [LOCKPICK] Sewers Lab (Lower Waterway): This is a locker next to a Green Herb. [Contents: Explosive A]
  • [LOCKPICK] First house after Downtown Gun Shop Kendo (2F): This is upstairs in a case. [Contents: Explosive Rounds]
  • [BRAD ID CARD] Police Station Reception (1F): This is the first S.T.A.R.S. crate that requires the ID card you pulled off Zombie Brad’s corpse. [Contents: Assault Rifle Ammo]
  • [BRAD ID CARD] Police Station West Office (1F): This is another S.T.A.R.S. crate on the desk nearest to you. [Contents: Scope (Assault Rifle)]
  • [SAFE COMBINATION] Police Station West Office (1F): This is in the office just off the S.T.A.R.S. crate. Safe combo is 9-15-7 (alternate direction on each number). [Contents: Hip Pouch]
  • [COMBINATION LOCK] Police Station Hallway (3F): In a locker on the same floor you’ll find the key to the Safety Deposit Room. Combo is DCM. [Contents: Assault Rifle Ammo]
  • [COMBINATION LOCK] Police Station Shower Room (2F): The combination is CAP. [Contents: Flash Grenade]
  • [BRAD ID CARD] Police Station S.T.A.R.S. Office Armory (2F): In the armory, use the ID Card on the case. [Contents: Assault Rifle Ammo]
  • [SAFE COMBINATION] Hospital Nurses’ Station (2F): The only Hospital thing you can get as Carlos. The combination is 9-3 (alternate direction with each). [Contents: Dual Magazine (Assault Rifle)]
  • [LOCKPICK] Hospital Reception (1F): This is the door that leads to the underground — but don’t go yet! Explore the hospital as Jill first. [Contents: Access]
  • [LOCK PICK] Hospital Hallway (1F): Once you leave the last room, head to the left and open the nearby case. [Content: Magnum Ammo]
  • [LOCK PICK] Emergency Entrance (1F): The zombies will break through the glass as you’re playing as Carlos, but it’s Jill who’ll be able to take advantage of this nearby locker. [Contents: Explosive Rounds]
  • [LOCK PICK] Hospital Staff Room (2F): This is in a locker amongst all the dead (but are they dead) zombies. [Content: Shotgun Shells]
  • [LOCK PICK] Hospital Linen Room (2F): The final locker — and lock — is here. [Contents: Magnum Ammo]

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Resident Evil 3 is available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 from 3 April.


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