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Resident Evil 3 documents guide: Be a Bookworm

Reading is fundamental.

Resident Evil 3 is out now and this handy documents guide will show you how to find and read all documents, earning you the Bookworm Achievement, Trophy and in-game Record in the process.

The documents below are grouped by location, but aren’t chronological; rather, they’re grouped as displayed in the in-game menu to better help you identify ones you’ve missed. With that said, the location sections are almost listed chronologically. Got that? Let’s go!

Apartment Building | Downtown | Outskirts of Raccoon City
Police Station | Hospital | Underground Storage | NEST 2

Apartment Building

  • Jill’s Report: This is in the first-person (coloured) bit in Jill’s apartment. This is one of two documents on what we call her ‘conspiracy theory wall’.
  • Investigation Notes: The second document on the same wall as the previous document.
  • Message from a Colleague: This is found next to the pizza box in Jill’s kitchen.
  • Unsealed Envelope: This is on a shelf next to the conspiracy theory wall.

Downtown (and Sewers)

  • Drugstore Owner’s Manual: This is in the upper walkway room with a safe (NOT a safe room) beside the safe itself.
  • A Love Letter?: This is in the Sewers Lab, the same room as the Battery Pack.
  • Tabloid Front Page: This is in the Subway, in the newsstand as you come up the stairs from the train.
  • UBCS Suicide Note: This is outside the Garage near the dead body to the right as you exit.
  • Increased Sewer Security: This is beside the locked door that requires the Battery Pack for the final time.
  • Chad’s Notes: This is on the floor of the upper level of the substation maze that houses the Drain Deimos.
  • Fax from Substation Chief:  This is in the second floor safe room alongside a Hip Pouch, etc.
  • Sewer Worker’s Notes: In the Sewers, head through a sewage waterfall and you’ll find this at the dead end.
  • Subway Employee’s Memo: This is in the Kite Bros office, in the same room as the Shotgun.
  • Kite Bros. Railway Manual: This is in the same room the train route puzzle (and Charlie!).
  • UBCS Ammo Crafting Guide: This is on a bench on the subway station platform; you’ll see if after the first cutscene with Carlos and Mikhail.
  • Substation Internal Memo: This is on the wall beside the locked door that leads to the Drain Deimos sequence.
  • Electricians Notice: This is found up on a wall in between the Garage and the Substation.
  • UBCS Herb Field Manual: This is in the Subway Station safe room.
  • Notice of Demolition Delay: This is next to the typewriter in the safe room as you’re climbing to the roof of the building to be demolished.
  • Training Log: This is on the guy that Nicholai kills in the Garage.
  • Research Assistant’s Logs: This is in the Sewers Office (Lower Walkway).
  • Raccoon Times Reader’s Column: This is upstairs in the house you enter immediately after Gun Shop Kendo.
  • Your Charlie Doll: No idea why Capcom put this down the list so far, but this is inside Toy Uncle after you get the Lockpick.
  • Invoice from Gun Shop Kendo: This is in the Sewers Office (Lower Walkway) near the Grenade Launcher.
  • Green Herbs! They work!: This is outside beside some Green Herbs and right before the Drain Deimos sequence.

Outskirts of Raccoon City

(Police Station documents are found before these — see below.)

  • UBCS New Weaponry Notice: After regaining control of Jill, this is in the safe room past the wrecked train.
  • Clock Tower Brochure: This is on the bench in the large square just off the river. Don’t go up the stairs until you get this.

(Hospital documents are found after these.)

Police Station

  • Report on the Mansion Incident: This is in the S.T.A.R.S. Office (2F) and on Wesker’s desk.
  • Note to a Friend: This is on the bench in the Shower Room (2F).
  • ID Card Security Protocols: This is beside the lockbox on the bench in Reception (1F).
  • Email Outbox: Before heading into the Police Station front door, go down the steps from the makeshift cemetary and into the room that houses Leon’s R.P.D. uniform.
  • Sept 20 Arrest Report: This is found in West Office (1F).
  • Internal Memo: This is in the Dark Room (1F) room.
  • 3F Locker: This is on the whiteboard of the Safety Deposit Room (1F).

(Outskirts of Raccoon City documents are found next.)


  • Note About a Tape Recording: This is on the reception desk in Nurse’s Station (2F).
  • Spencer Memorial Pamphlet: This is in the corner next to the padlocked door in Reception (1F).
  • Nurse’s Journal: Sept 25: This is found in Lab Reception (1F).
  • Nurse’s Journal: Sept 27: On a shelf in Records Room (2F).
  • Nurse’s Journal: Sept 29: On a desk in the back corner of Staff Room (2F).
  • Banquet Invitation: In Bard’s Lab (1F).
  • RE: Lost Items: In Operating Room (1F) after using the keycard.
  • Memos from Administration: On the wall next to the door in Staff Room (2F).
  • Email from Nathaniel Bard: On Bard’s PC in Bard’s Lab (1F). This has to be read as part of the story.

Underground Storage

  • Unfinished Activity Log: In the middle of the screen in Surveillance Room (2F). Has to be read as part of the story.
  • Employee memo: In the room beside the safe room — a Pale Head and two normal zombies are in this room.
  • Elevator Notice: In the safe room connected to the document found above.


  • NEST 2 Employee Regulations: In the Storage (1F) at the end of the hallway after the Nemesis chase cutscene.
  • Essay on Vaccine Synthesis: In the Synthesis Room (2F).
  • Disposal Centre: On the wall of Worker’s Break Room right before the large arena Nemesis fight.
  • Isaac Graves’ Diary: This is on the zombie you kill after heading up the stairs at NEST 2 and taking a left to go down the dead-end hallway.
  • Expression of Concern: This is on a desk in Incubation Lab (2F).
  • Weapon Spec Sheet: After the large arena Nemesis battle, this is in the the next safe room.
  • Weaponry Authorization Request: In Lab 1 (2F) on the desk.
  • Shipping Notice: In the room with two Pale Heads after using flash drive to gain access.
  • Scientist’s Dying Message: On a body in dead-end corridor after heading upstairs from the room with the Pale Heads.
  • Suspicious Contract Memo: The final document is the final one chronologically — after defeating Nemesis’ final form, look to the left after climbing the ladder.

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Resident Evil 3 is available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 from 3 April.


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