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Resident Evil 3 Charlie locations guide: Goodbye Charlie!

All Charlie doll locations, all the time.

Our Resident Evil 3 Charlie locations guide is to detail each and every statue in-game so you can hunt them down and get that all-important Goodbye, Charlie! Achievement or Trophy and Record.

We’ve listed the RE3 Charlie bobbleheads (or statues, your call) as we’ve found them — so that’s chronologically. For the most part, you’ll happen upon them in the same order.

We’ve found all 20 Charlies — their locations are listed chronologically below. Getting your first doll will also earn you the Hello, Charlie! Achievement or Trophy and Record.

  • Charlie 01: You’ll find the first at the entrance of Redstone Street Station after meeting Carlos. Before heading into the station proper, go back up the stairs and look between two newspaper vending machines. (Thanks, Jeremy!)

  • Charlie 02: This is in the Downtown Donut Shop (1F), and just like in the demo, is in the corner beside the microwave.

  • Charlie 03: Next, and again like in the demo, you’ll find this in the Downtown Upper Walkway Safe Room (it’s not actually safe, but it has a safe in it). Check the shelving on the far left from where you initially enter.

  • Charlie 04: Once you have a Lockpick, you can use it to enter Downtown Toy Uncle (1F) store and nab this one. There’s also a document with an explanation of the Charlies themselves.

  • Charlie 05: This is in the Subway Office Control Room (1F), the same place you input the train destination in a small puzzle. From the puzzle, look left and under the desk.

  • Charlie 06: In the Subway Power Substation Control Room (2F) — the same room as a Hip Pouch and Item Box — you’ll find this in the corner on top of a shelving unit. (Thanks again, Jeremy!)

  • Charlie 07: In the Sewers (Lower Waterway), this is behind a grate in the area just before the room that houses the Battery Pack. (Thanks once more, Jeremy!)

  • Charlie 08: After using the Battery Pack for the third and final time (if you got the bonus Hip Pouch, that is) in the Sewers (Lower Waterway), go through the door, then turn around and look up at the door frame.

  • Charlie 09: This is in the first house after Downtown Gun Shop Kendo (1F) — you’ll enter after grabbing a key from Kendo and heading through an alleyway. You’ll see it right as you enter the house.

  • Charlie 10: As Carlos, this is in the Police Station Courtyard (1F) after heading down and up the stairways that zombie Brad occupied in the original RE2.

  • Charlie 11: Again as Carlos, this is in the back corner of the Police Station Safety Deposit Room (1F).

  • Charlie 12: As Jill in the Subway Tunnels, look for an area full of zombies and bunk bed coves. Look under a bench in one.

  • Charlie 13: In the Clock Tower Plaza, look to the right of the SWAT (or is that S.T.A.R.S.?) van in the area before heading up the stairs. (Thanks for the capture, Adam!)

  • Charlie 14: As Carlos, you’ll first see this in the Hospital in the first hallway off of Reception (1F). It’s around a slight corner on a hospital bed near a door.

  • Charlie 15: You’ll see this as Carlos first — check to the left of the door when you get to the Hospital Roof (2F).

  • Charlie 16: This one’s in a rubbish bin (trash can) in a corner of the Hospital Sickroom (2F).

  • Charlie 17: The next is Hospital Loading Dock (1F) after using the Lockpick to go outside on the way to the underground area. Look on a pallet being hoisted by a forklift.

  • Charlie 18: This is in the Underground Storage (1F) area in the maze where you need to find fuses. Once you squeeze past a gap in the shelves, look to the shelves for this one. If you’re going for the fuses in five minutes, it’s best to do this afterward.

  • Charlie 19: In the NEST 2 Synthesis Room (2F), go to the little space off to the right; look in the corner.

  • Charlie 20: This is in the single room off NEST 2 Lab 1 (2F). Look at the bottom of the crates.

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