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Resident Evil 3 puzzles guide: Use our solutions cheat sheet

Screw Chris or Carlos -- we're your new partner.

Resident Evil 3 is out now and our handy puzzles guide will act a cheat sheet for all things Assisted, Standard and Hardcore modes. All bets are off for Nightmare and Inferno, but we’ll get guides up for that as quickly as we can.

Let’s get into it!

Subway Station clock puzzle | Nemesis drops | Subway Office train route
| Hospital tape player puzzle | Electric Slide Record | NEST 2 vaccine
Locks, lockers and safes

Subway Station clock puzzle

This puzzle is located in the Subway Station safe room, right in the corner of the room. You’ve likely to have seen the clock-looking device without too much difficulty. The trick is finding the three jewels — the Red Jewel, Blue Jewel and Green Jewel — that go into it.

Locations are as follows:

  • Red Jewel: Inside the Fancy Box that’s in Downtown Donut Shop (1F)‘s safe room. [Reward: Hand Grenade]
  • Blue Jewel: Inside the Fancy Box that’s in the Downtown Supermarket (1F). You’ll need the Bolt Cutters to get it. [Reward: Tactical Stock (Shotgun)]
  • Green Jewel: In the Fancy Box found inside Downtown Toy Uncle (1F). You’ll need the Lockpick to get at this one. [Reward: Hip Pouch]

Solving this puzzle will earn you the Power Stones Achievement or Trophy and in-game Record.

Nemesis Drops

This isn’t a puzzle so much as something quite useful. Each (selective) time you take ol’ Nemmy out downtown means goodies for you as follows:

  1. Extended Magazine (Handgun): You’ll get this from a Supply Case after taking Nemesis down for the first time (he raises an arm and drops a case rather than just taking a knee). We recommend doing this when leaving the Downtown Subway Power Substation (1F) after turning on the power. When Nemesis bursts through the wall, hit him with a single hand grenade for a guaranteed drop.
  2. Moderator (Handgun): You’ll get this from a second Supply Case after taking Nemesis down a second time. Your first chance to do this will be after the cutscene with Nemesis at Downtown Donut Shop (1F). You don’t be able to get this from downing Nemesis a second time before then; again, use a grenade (and if you can’t, we hoped you saved a red barrel somewhere).
  3. Shotgun Shells: When being chased by Nemesis after heading back to the train, you can down him for a third time by using the barrels before heading through a grate you have to break through. Don’t forget to grab the Supply Case before you head into the Sewers.
  4. Flame Rounds: You can knock Nemmy down after the Toy Uncle head falls onto the streets of Downtown for more ammo in a Supply Case.

Doing this one time will earn you the Nemesis Down Record.

Subway Office train route puzzle

As part of the story, Jill will need to head to the Subway Office Control Room (1F) and program the route the train needs to take. Shown above, here’s the path:


Hospital tape player puzzle

As Carlos, you’ll need a tape player and tape to get into Bard’s lab. Here are the locations of both items:

  • Tape player: Found in the Hospital Lab Reception(1F) on the counter. This is the same room you’ll use the player when it has a tape.
  • Tape: Found in the Hospital Treatment Room (2F). Good luck with the two Hunter Betas guarding it.

Electric Slide Record: All fuses within five minutes

In the Underground Storage (1F) fuse maze, you’ll be challenged to collect all three fuses and place them within five minutes.

Here’s a quick runthrough on how to do so:

  • After triggering the objective (and the timer), a Pale Head will drop to the ground. Dispatch it and head up, grabbing Fuse 1.
  • Head down the ladder and prepare for two Zombie Dogs ahead of you. Round the far corner and dispatch one Zombie before squeezing through the opening.
  • Head up the stairs and to the right, activating a lift so you can continue on and down a ladder.
  • Approach Fuse 2 and beware the zombies ahead of you. A Hunter Gamma will pop up as you head back toward the ladder. Kill or stagger it and head up.
  • Go back around and through the door to take on two Zombies and a Pale Head. You can unlock the door back to the safe room here, but head through the door on the left instead.
  • Down the ladder a Hunter Beta lies in wait. Kill it, grab Fuse 3 and go back up the ladder.
  • Go through the safe room and back towards the fuse box. Two Nemesis Zombies and a Zombie will wait — here, the shotgun worked better for us than a Grenade Launcher.
  • Place the fuses into the fuse box.

Doing this within five minutes or less, of course, will earn you the Electric Slide Achievement or Trophy and Record.

NEST 2 vaccine synthesis

When you’ve combined the Adjuvant Sample and the Culture Sample to form the Vaccine Base, you’ll need to insert it into the machine in NEST 2 Synthesis Room (2F) to make the actual cure.

The goal is to get temperatures across all three columns to 50.0, and you do that by setting temperatures to Mid, High, Low, as seen above.

Any other tips and tricks you’d like to share? Sound off in the comments area, below!

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Resident Evil 3 heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 3 April.


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