If you’re having trouble with the AR training in Batman: Arkham City, the guys over at BatmanArkhamVideos are here to help! Completing the first four training courses is essential to obtain Batman’s grapple boost, which makes travelling through Arkham City

Nintendo announced Australia’s Mario Kart 7 release date yesterday, and in doing so raised many an eyebrow. We can look forward to MK7 on 3 December 2011. Fair enough, you say, but why’s that weird? For starters, that date is

Ubisoft’s just sent through a nice little Q&A article featuring top ABBA questions bundled with answers from the development team. How did the idea for a dancing game about ABBA come about? Just Dance and ABBA are both all about

In a recent Guardian interview, Sefton Hill, Game Director at Rocksteady Studios, acknowledged the sameness of current DLC on offer for Batman: Arham City, and hinted at future story-based DLC. After being asked about episodic content, Hill replied, “[Smiles] I

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Producer Mike Jones has made an announcement for the game’s beta, planned “early next year.” We trialled Raccoon City at PAX a couple months ago, and weren’t completely sold on another retelling of the events

Andriasang reports today that Capcom plans to bundle Nintendo Wii titles Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles in one package called Resident Evil Chronicles HD, playable on the PlayStation 3 Move. No pricing, release date, or international distribution details

Major Nelson tweeted this morning that the Microsoft Connect page for the Xbox 360 dashboard preview program was now accepting console registrations from those lucky enough to be accepted into the program. Here’s how to take the next steps in

Over the weekend, Capcom announced release dates for two highly anticipated titles — Asura’s Wrath will release 21 February 2012 and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City 20 March 2012. Both games will have PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. Capcom also

Review: Battlefield 3

With console and PC versions, single-player and co-op campaigns, a genre-defining multiplayer and inevitable comparisons to that OTHER series, there’s a lot to cover in DICE’s Battlefield 3. I’ve had limited exposure to Battlefield, but tried to sort that out

Nearing its release date, we’ve got one last Battlefield 3 hat to give away to one lucky reader. We’re running this the same as out last competition — except we’ve only got one hat that you can try to win

Quickflix announced today that it’s entered into an agreement with Sony to stream its subscription movie service to PS3 in the remaining portion of 2011. Announcing the deal, Quickflix Chief Executive Officer Chris Taylor said: “Having entered a streaming agreement

Ready for some Gears nostalgia? Epic has recently announced Gears of War 3‘s second DLC pack, titled “RAAM’s Shadow.” The content, set before the events of the original Gears of War, finds Zeta Squad attempting to evacuate Illima City in

More bad news for Australia and its game development industry as rumours run rampant that 2K Marin’s studio in Canberra, Australia has allegedly gone through a round of redundancies. As reported by Kotaku Australia, 2K Marin has laid off 15

Sony’s just sent word in on a dance contest in Sydney’s First Fleet Park, Circular Quay tomorrow. In conjunction with DanceStar Party‘s PS3 release on 20 October, “dancers, gamers and punters alike will battle it out for the title of

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If you’ve got a Kinect, you hopefully know first-hand just how good Kinect Sports is. If not, check out our review to drink in our impressions. Just a friendly PSA that the demo for Kinect Sports: Season Two is now