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Resident Evil Village Puzzles Cheat Sheet: Get a little hint or an entire solution

We've got your back, Ethan.

Resident Evil Village has a ton of puzzles and this guide — or cheat sheet, as we like to call it — will help you out with passcodes, images to solve visual puzzles and more.

Due to the nature of this guide, be aware that story spoilers follow below, so read at your own risk!

Hall of Ablution puzzle

“Women are blind to male advances, but the poor shall take their chances to give their lord their bounty sown, so that soon the wine may flow.”

To solve this, point the female statues toward one another, and the poor beggars toward the Lord. Don’t move the Lord at all, as he’s supposed to be looking to the female he’s positioned towards by default.

Atelier five bells

  • 1. Directly in front of you as you enter.
  • 2. Swinging as part of the clock — use the holes in the wall to shoot it.
  • 3. On top of the tall display case on the opposite wall from #2
  • 4. Inside the chanelier — shoot it to cause it to swing so you can hit the bell (go up the stairs)
  • 5. Go up the stairs, shoot the window, then shoot the final bell

Beneviento House puzzle

  • Inspect the mannequin for the Silver Key (shoulder), Blood Covered Ring (hand) and Winding Key (leg)
  • Use the Silver Key in the door
  • Wash the Blood Covered ring in the sink (for passcode 052911)
  • Use the keycode on the door
  • Music box solution:

  • Get the tweezers from the music book
  • Head back to the mannequin and get the film from its mouth
  • Take the film to the door by the elevator
    • 1. Rose’s best friend: teddy bear
    • 2. She really likes this fairytale: Village of Shadows
    • 3. Most important thing: Rose
    • 4. Wedding gift: Music box
    • 5.Proof of Ethan’s love: Ring
  • Get the scissors from the new area, cut the bandages and loop around to unlock the door of the Silver Key room
  • Use the scissors on the mannequin and get the disc
  • Head to the hallway to the left of the mannequin (from your current position)
  • Door solution:

  • Go down the well for key to the breaker box
  • Run toward the breaker, stop when the baby comes, loop back through the Silver Key room to get to it
  • Grab the relief from the breaker box, then loop back around to the door between the cut bandages and the Silver Key room
  • Head through grab the fuse and leave the area
  • Loop back when the baby arrives and hide under the bed with your head closest to the door
  • Escape when the baby goes by and use the fuse on the breaker box
  • Wait for the elevator!

Moreau’s Sluice Control puzzle

Just line up your coloured lights like this:

All padlock passcodes

  • Jack Handle passcode: 070408
  • Luthier’s House passcode: 270917
  • House Beneviento passcode: 052911

Are there any other puzzles you need a hand with? Shout out and we’ll be happy to help.

Resident Evil Village heads to Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PS4 and PS5 on 7 May. You can look at all of our various guides below.

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