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Resident Evil Village Treasures Guide: All combinable Treasures

We'll help you get the Repairer and Treasure Hunter Achievements, Trophies or Challenges.

Resident Evil Village is all about obtaining upgrades to survive, and Treasures certainly help with some extra Lei to do that. This guide is all about finding each and every combinable Treasure within the game, also nabbing you the Repairer and Treasure Hunter Achievements, Trophies or Challenges along the way.

Spoilers lie ahead, so read ahead with that in mind.

We’ll put the Treasures in the order they’re found, also listing the other combinable Treasure(s) that go with them. Don’t sell non-combined Treasures The Duke or you’ll miss out!

  • Azure Eye: Once you obtain the Iron Insignia key item, backtrack to the Kitchen and head down into the B1 area. This is obtained by breaking a wall in the Special Chambers, then shooting the hanging lanterns towards the fire so they’re all lit. We’ll include a video if you’re having trouble.

  • Silver Ring: Found within a dresser inside 1F Hall of Pleasure, Castle Dimitrescu. Combinable with the Azure Eye.
  • Wooden Animal (Body): This is found upstairs in the house just east of the “Maiden of War” marking on the map. The house opens after Castle Dimitrescu (1F Village). This combines with the Wooden Animal (Head).
  • Wooden Animal (Head): Once you get the Well Wheel key item, raise the well in the centre of the village (1F Maiden of War, Village) to retrieve this item. It’s the well almost immediately beside the Wooden Animal (Body; see directly above) which is the other combinable item here.
  • Madelina (Body): This is in the house next to the locked Luthier’s House — in house next to locked Luthier’s House and a Goat of Warding. Combinable with Madelina (Head).

Madelina (Body) location
Madelina (Body) location
  • Necklace with Two Holes: Retrieve this item from the well behind the 1F Village Church. Combinable with the Pigeon Blood Ruby and Large Ruby.

  • Madelina (Head): This doll’s head is down the well in the 1F Garden, found on the way back from the Beneviento House and in the same area as the Luthier’s Key key item. It combines with Madelina (Body).
Madelina (Head) location
Madelina (Head) location
  • Pigeon Blood Ruby: This is via a ladder in the area with Poultry and a door that requires the Crank to unlock in the southwest of the village. Climb the ladder and walk over a cliff face to get this on a nearby shed roof.

  • Large Pigeon Blood Ruby: Once you have the Crank, you can use it to get to the boat between the Altar and Ceremony Site. Take it to the right and access the well behind the nearby shack for this. There’s a puzzle involved so we’ll include a video too.

  • Mechanical Part (Cylinder): Look for a breakable wall (and a yellow X) in the same area that the cog needs to be placed in B4 Heisenberg’s Factory. Combinable with Mechanical Part (Shaft).

  • Mechanical Part (Shaft): This is found in B4 Heisenberg’s Quarters after using the Heisenberg’s Key key item to unlock the door.

Enjoy all that Lei!

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7 May 2021
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