Resident Evil Village Goats Guide: All Goats of Warding

Be a Cynic, then a Heretic.

Resident Evil Village has a number of Goats of Warding which need to be broken — collectibles, gotta love ’em — which will reward a player with the Cynic and Heretic Achievements or Trophies when the first, then all, are disposed of. This Goats guide will show you each and every location.

Spoilers lie ahead, so read ahead with that in mind.

Here are all 20 of the required Goats of Warding that are needed for the effort.

  • Goat of Warding 1: This is very hard to miss — the first Goat is in an elaborate display in the village itself (1F Maiden of War, Village). You’ll also get the Cynic Achievement or Trophy for breaking it.
  • Goat of Warding 2: This one is on the northwest corner of the village Church — look up! (1F Church, Village).
  • Goat of Warding 3: This is on the left-hand side, up the back, in the Fallow Plot area just ahead of Luiza’s House (1F Fallow Plot, Village).
  • Goat of Warding 4: This is in the Vineyard area on the way to Castle Dimitrescu (1F Vineyard). If you run into The Duke outside, you’ve gone too far.
  • Goat of Warding 5: After solving the Hall of Ablution puzzle, climb down the ladder and then look directly behind you. This is before the Distillery (B1 Castle Dimitrescu).
  • Goat of Warding 6: After solving the five bells puzzle, climb up the ladder to the Attic and grab this one (RF Attic, Castle Dimitrescu).
  • Goat of Warding 7: After Castle Dimitrescu, you’ll walk back past the Ceremony Site and head back towards the village. After crossing the bridge, loop around and check in the small room underneath, opposite a drawbridge and docked boat (1F Lone Road, Village).
  • Goat of Warding 8: This is in the area behind the Church, requiring the Iron Insignia key item to gain access. Look to the far right of the area of this one (near 1F Church, Village).
  • Goat of Warding 9: On your way to get the house with the red chimney, look for the green gate that leads to two houses. This is on the left-hand side of the rightmost house, with the one on the left being the locked Luthier’s House (1F West Old Town, Village).
  • Goat of Warding 10: When walking on the Suspension Bridge to House Beneviento, look to the suspension bridge to the left (1F Suspension Bridge, Village).

Goat of Warding 11: Before going into House Beneviento, look off to the left of the house itself. This is hard to hear because of the nearby waterfall (1F Beneviento House).

Goat of Warding 12: Before going down the ladder at the first Windmill you come across in Moreau’s area, go outside and around to find this near logs (1F Moreau’s Area windmill).

  • Goat of Warding 13: As Moreau chases you through the water, you’ll get to a switch that you first has to open and then has maggots within. Look a bit to the left of the switch, and you’ll find the Goat on a pole.
  • Goat of Warding 14: After beating Moreau, head back to where you first used the Boat Key key item on the boat. The lack of water means a new path, so follow it down and look for the Goat past the ruins of a house, on the left ()
  • Goat of Warding 15: Before continuing into the Stonghold, look for a path to the left leading to Otto’s Mill. This is underneath the Mill itself, in a fancy stand like the very first Goat (1F Otto’s Mill).

Goat of Warding 16: Inside the Stronghold — and after a lot of lycans — you’ll go down a large spiral staircase. Before continuining on, look to the area to the right at the bottom of the staircase (B1 The Stronghold).

Goat of Warding 17: This is in the Ventilation Duct after shooting the fan so you don’t die. Head back towards the Grinder Shaft and it’s on some broken machinery (B2 Ventilation Duct, Heisenberg’s Factory).

  • Goat of Warding 18: Right after the Sturm fight (the guy with the propellor engine for a face), you’ll head into a control room area. Head to the opposite side of the room and look for a crawlspace that leads to a side room. This is in there (B1, Heisenberg’s Factory).

  • Goat of Warding 20: As Chris, you’ll plow through the village and then end up at the giant Megamycete. To the right of the large, red, hulking child thing is a dark area with spikes and a statue. The goat is at the bottom of the statue.

That’s it! Enjoy the Heretic Achievement or Trophy and Challenge.

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7 May 2021
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