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Resident Evil Village When You Gotta Go Guide: Outhouses aplenty

Don't worry -- no one is using any of 'em.

Resident Evil Village has a number of Challenges which are tied to bonus content currency and juicy Achievements and Trophies. One such is When You Gotta Go…which tasks a player to open the door of every outhouse found within the game’s titular village in a single playthrough.

Spoilers lie ahead, so read ahead with that in mind.

There are 10 outhouses to open, all up, and our guide below takes you through them in the order that you’ll encounter them, chronologically. You can backtrack for most if needed… but not all. Keep a keen eye out!

  • Outhouse 1: This is within the first houses you come across in the village proper, near a well. (1F West Old Town)
  • Outhouse 2: Yes, you may have noticed another outhouse before this, but you can’t open that one. The second openable one is west of the first, near a gate that requires the Iron Insignia key (1F West Old Town)
  • Outhouse 3: This is in front of Luiza’s House (1F Luiza’s House)
  • Outhouse 4: After leaving Castle Dimitrescu, this is behind the first shack you come across — climb through the window
  • Outhouse 5: After returning to the village, you’ll hear a big commotion coming from one of the nearby houses. This is near that house (1F between Maiden of War and Fallow Plot).
  • Outhouse 6: Continuing on, you’ll have to go south of the last one and then remove a barricade to continue on. This is the outhouse you may have noticed before but couldn’t open until now.
  • Outhouse 7: After using the Jack Handle to get back to West Old Town, open a gate and look to the right of the locked Luthier’s House
  • Outhouse 8: While travelling to the house with the red chimney (past a locked Iron Insignia door), this is beside the blue house with a ladder you need to climb up to continue
  • Outhouse 9: This is in the 1F Garden after completing the Beneviento’s house portion of the game. You’ll also find the Photo of a Strange Bird here.
  • Outhouse 10: After running into The Duke in Moreau’s area, loop around that same building for the final outhouse

Enjoy the CP and the Achievement or Trophy.

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