Life is Strange 2 Episode 5 Collectibles guide

Life is Strange 2 Episode 5, “Wolves”, is out now, and we present to you a handy guide that’ll net you all the Collectibles, Achievements or Trophies in the episode.

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We’ve got a video (courtesy Achievement Squad) and text-based solutions below. Items are detailed chronologically.

Spoiler warning — as always you’re going to have some minor story spoilers in the video below. Be aware!

  • Sketching opportunity 1 [0:00]: On the cliff face, turn to the left and look down to find the sketchbook.
  • Collectible 1 [1:48]: After the sketch, walk down for a bit. When you start having a conversation about weed, head left up the forked path and go all the way to the end. You’ll see a Shiny Object and you’ll need Daniel’s help to get it.
  • Collectible 2 [2:54]: After dropping your stuff off at Karen’s in the caravan park, head to the small garden area and look to a planter on the right. There, you’ll find some stickers.
  • Collectible 3 [3:38]: After building the sculpture, accept Daniel’s request to have a scavenger hunt. Check the giant metal fan — specifically a pile of rocks at its centre. Next, head behind the shiny metal trailer you’ll see on the left and check the back of the solar panels there for another clue. Then, head to the wrecked cars and look for a clue hidden underneath two cars stacked upon each other.
  • Collectible 4 [7:31]: After using the police scanner, look to the propane tanks at David’s trailer. Find a bottle opener in the small parcel there.
  • Collectible 5 [8:16]: At the border wall, head towards the right and look for a peculiar rock. There’s a stone sitting on top of blue tanks there.
  • Collectible 6 [9:08]: After you get Daniel to break down a door in an escape sequence, look to the shelf underneath the one your backpack was sitting on. Grab the pin on the vigilante’s bag.

There are more sketching opportunities than just the one above, but only one is needed for a corresponding Achievement/Trophy.

Life is Strange 2 is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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