Life is Strange 2 Episode 3 Collectibles guide


Master the Wasteland.

Life is Strange 2 Episode 3, “Wasteland”, is out now, and we’ve a handy guide that’ll net you all the Collectibles, Achievements or Trophies in the episode.

We’ve left the heavy lifting for you in the video below. Items are detailed chronologically.

Spoiler warning — you’re going to have some minor story spoilers in the video below. Be aware!

  • Sketching opportunity 1: At the campsite right near the start of the game. (Chapter: Rise and Shine)
  • Collectible 1: In the same location, go and pet the doggo. Twice. Aww! Then follow him to a third spot where he’ll dig up a skull. (Chapter: Rise and Shine)
  • Collectible 2: This is a pen in the pile of weed you’re working on. You’ll see it after trimming 8 buds total. (Chapter: Cash Crop)
  • Collectible 3: Back at the campsite, go and talk to Finn, who’s whittling a piece of wood against a tree. After the conversation, loop around to the back of the tree to pick up a wood sculpture. (Chapter: The Trimmigrants)
  • Collectible 4: After skipping stones with Daniel, look behind you, towards some driftwood. You’ll find a fossil in the midst of the debris. (Chapter: Skipping Stones)
  • Sketching opportunity 2: At the campfire. (Chapter: Campfire Tales)
  • Collectible 5: After talking with Cassidy about a tattoo, go and talk with Ingrid. After the conversation, grab the collectible that’s inside Ingrid and Anders’ stuff (look for a tent with a light shining on it). (Chapter: Paradise Lost)
  • Collectible 6: In the area with a truck, head to the nearby shed and grab the screwdriver from the toolbox. Head to the yellow cabinet behind the truck and grab the cartridge. (Chapter: Under the Hood)

Life is Strange 2 is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.