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Yakuza Like a Dragon promo offers a $400 AUD ramen to NSW residents

A gluttonous $400 AUD bowl of ramen has been created in Sydney as part of a promotion for Yakuza Like a Dragon.

Xbox Game Pass October 2020 additions and removals

Updated with a host of additions and removals across Xbox Game Pass for console and PC.

Rainbow Six Siege teased for Xbox Game Pass

Rainbow Six Siege has been teased by Microsoft for inclusion in its Xbox Game Pass subscription program.

Xbox Series controller’s Share button works on Xbox One out of the box

Here's something we meant to test as part of our preview of the Xbox Series X and its controller: yes, new the controller and its Share button work on Xbox One straight out of the box.

Xbox Series X Preview: Power your dreams

Stevivor's in possession of an #XboxSeriesX and this hub will gather all related articles as we take part in a special preview program.

How the Home Console system works across Xbox One, Xbox Series

As part of our Xbox Series X preview, we've investigated how the Home Console system works between multiple Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles.

All the Games optimised for Xbox Series S & X at launch

A full listing of Xbox Series S & X titles has been released by Microsoft on the eve of our Xbox Series X preview.

EB Games Australia pushing Xbox & PlayStation pre-orders to launch day

EB Games Australia has emailed post-launch PS5 and Xbox Series X pre-order customers, advising their orders can now be picked up on launch day.

Xbox 360 gets cloud saves for all ahead of Xbox Series S & X

The Xbox 360 will offer cloud saves without the need for an Xbox Live Gold subscription, making it incredibly easy to move your files over to Xbox Series S & X at their launch next month.

Here’s Doom Eternal running on a smart fridge with xCloud

A crafty player has gotten Doom Eternal to play on his smart fridge using Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass and xCloud game streaming.

Xbox Series X Auto HDR in action using Alan Wake

We're continuing to put the Xbox Series X through its paces, this time showing off its Auto HDR inside the Xbox 360's Alan Wake.

Xbox Series X data transfer speeds compared to Xbox One X

Stevivor's in the midst of a Xbox Series X preview program, and today's tests were all about the times it took to transfer data from an external HDD to its internal SSD. We also compared the same with its older brother, the Xbox One X, and its internal HDD.

The Medium release date set for 10 December on PC, Xbox Series

The Medium release date has been confirmed for 10 December on Windows PC and Xbox Series S & X consoles.

Xbox Series X time to restart & power up compared to Xbox One X

Today we're measuring the time it takes for the Xbox Series X to restart, comparing that to the current-gen Xbox One X.

Xbox Cloud Streaming will “absolutely” be on iOS, PC & consoles

Xbox Cloud Streaming "absolutely will end up on iOS" in addition to Windows PC and consoles, Xbox head Phil Spencer has asserted.

Here’s the Xbox Series Quick Resume functionality at work

The Xbox Series S & X Quick Resume functionality promised the world, able to bounce between games as you left them with hardly any interruption. Today, Stevivor has concluded it lives up to its word.

Xbox takes a jab at the PS5’s vertical stand

Xbox has taken to Twitter in the wake of a PS5 teardown video, demonstrating how the Xbox Series X can go from vertical to horizontal orientation without the need for tools.

Minecraft Dungeons cross-play, new DLC coming in 2020

Minecraft Dungeons cross-play will be added before the end of the year, with developer Mojang also confirming new DLC will arrive in 2020 as well.

Xbox Series X loading times compared to Xbox One X

Stevivor's midway through a special Xbox Series X preview program, letting us put the new next-gen console through its paces ahead of its 10 November launch. This post is all about its loading times in comparison to the current-gen Xbox One X.

Microsoft Flight Simulator VR closed beta announced

A Microsoft Flight Simulator VR closed beta has been detailed, allowing those who are accepted intothe program the chance to try it all out ahead of the general public.