Remedy & Epic Games’ triple-A title is in full production

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There's lots of speculation that this could be the long-awaited Alan Wake sequel.

Remedy has announced that production on its new game, a triple-A title, is officially underway. While this collaboration with Epic Games is still shrouded in secrecy, a new investor’s report from the studio means we can start getting excited (and speculate what to expect).

“Remedy’s AAA game project with Epic Games has moved into full production, and a second, smaller-scale game remains in full production mode,” the report reads. “Vanguard, our free-to-play co-op game project, is still progressing at a good pace, with selected internal and external closed gameplay tests.”

Could this be an Alan Wake sequel?

Remedy is a gaming company known for creating story-driven games, complete with great visuals to compliment their narratives. The studio has created such well-known games such as Control, Max Payne and Alan Wake.

Speaking of the latter, many speculate that this upcoming collaboration with Epic Games could be a sequel to Alan Wake. This speculation comes from recent leaks alleging that the original Alan Wake will be getting a remaster.  We also know for sure that Remedy has two games in the works with Epic Games and both are set inside the Remedy Connected Universe. That means they could be directly tied into Alan Wake or even Quantum Break, as all three have been connected through past Easter eggs.

One thing’s for sure: we know this isn’t a Control sequel, but we’ll get to why that is in a minute.

It seems likely that Remedy’s next big title with Epic Games is a sequel of some sorts, but nothing has been confirmed as yet. Neither Remedy nor Epic Games have yet to confirm these rumours.

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Remedy’s Epic Games triple-A title isn’t a Control sequel

How do we know that this work with Epic Games isn’t a Control sequel? Easy — Remedy’s already confirmed it’s hard at work on one as per a partnership with the original game’s publisher 505 Games.

“We have successfully collaborated with 505 Games for over four years and have both become stronger in our respective fields,” Remedy’s Tero Virtala said of the partnership back in June of this year.

Other Remedy titles currently in development

While we’re left to speculate about what Remedy’s project with Epic Games is, we do know of a couple other projects in production.

First, Remedy was tasked to work on the single-player component of Smilegate’s CrossfireX; that title is expected later this year (though Smilegate has gone pretty quiet about it). Next, there’s Vanguard, the aforementioned free-to-play co-op title. Finally, Remedy is also working on Condor, a multiplayer spin-off set within the world of Control.

Remedy Entertainment is on the up

Another big take away from the recent investor report is the growth of Remedy Entertainment Plc. Especially of note is that Remedy Entertainment’s headcount has grown to nearly 300 people, which is certainly a positive sign for the company and its continued success.

The full investor report can be accessed here.

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