Huge Generation Zero patch coming this week


With 200 bug fixes and changes to Adrenaline Shots.

A huge Generation Zero patch is coming this week and should address around 200 bugs alongside further tweaks, Avalanche Studios has confirmed.

The patch will be released across Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 before the Easter long weekend, the developer said, also thanking gamers for their patience.

“We are very thankful for your patience up until now, and sorry we were not able to communicate a clearer ETA earlier,” an update reads. “We didn’t want to risk breaking trust by calling out a date, and then potentially miss it due to one of the many potential road-blocks that can happen during game development. We are as of today pretty confident in saying that next week we should be addressing many, many community-reported issues!”

In addition to addressing the 200 bug fixes, the patch will also tweak Adrenaline Shot availability and usage alongside machine AI difficulty.

“After the update you can expect to see that reviving now feels a lot more meaningful. Adrenaline Shot items now consume on use (as was originally intended), and you’ll need to use one each time you resurrect a team-mate or yourself. Additionally the droprate of these items has been lowered somewhat,” Avalanche said. “The second change consists of many smaller improvements to the way machines work, they should start to feel more challenging post-patch.”

We’ll let you know when the patch is live.

Generation Zero is currently available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. We’ve got some tips and tricks you might appreciate alongside a map of all bunkers and safehouses.