Avalanche is working on 200 bug fixes for Generation Zero


Though we still don't know when a patch will be released.

There are over 200 bug fixes being worked on by Generation Zero’s Avalanche Studios, it has recently confirmed.

“As many of you know during the past week our attention has been laser-focused on gathering feedback/bug reports from you, our players,” Avalanche said in an update dated a week ago. “Based on that feedback we’ve been either directly working on said reports, or implementing them into plans for future updates. The team has made some excellent headway in fixing a whole host of issues on our internal build. Once we are confident the fixes are solid, we’ll be pushing them to you in an update coming before the end of this month.”

The studio provided a handful of bugs it is working on, including:

  • Strength in Numbers mission blocked due to enemies not spawning
  • Xbox and PS4 players blocked by invisible wall at the bridge to Salthamn after streaming install has finished
  • PC players experiencing 100% CPU usage
  • Bed asset with huge collision box around it, preventing players from looting containers underneath it
  • Crash occurs when a weapon gets removed from the weapon slot

Sadly, that’s the last update we’ve had from Avalanche; there’s no word as yet on when that update will be released. In the meantime, you can also watch a recent livestream where the state of the game was discussed by its developers.

Generation Zero‘s a ripper of a game, but it’s sadly hard to enjoy at times because of myriad bugs. We’ve written a little guide to help you with some of the issues we’ve encountered.