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Star Trek Timelines campaigns go live later this week

With 100 free tiers and 100 paid ones.

Star Trek Timelines campaigns will become a regular part of the game from this week, developer Disruptor Beam has advised.

Timed for the season two finale of Star Trek: DiscoveryTimelines‘ campaigns will kick off with a special Section 31-themed event from 3.00 pm AEST on Friday, 19 April. The first campaign will take place over 28 days and include 100 tiers of rewards, including the Legendary (5-star) Covert Operative Leland and Super Rare (4-star) Section 31 Philippa Georgiou.

“As a change from the Beta, we’ve increased the amount of earnable Accolades per day so that it’s possible to earn all 100 Tiers of rewards over 28 days and still allow for some buffer space,” Disruptor Beam advised. “Also, every time Captains unlock 20 Tiers, they will earn a special reward: either a featured crew (for Tiers 20, 40, 60, and 80) or a Citation for the 100th Tier which you can use to further fuse any crew of that rarity.”

There’s an optional, paid component to the campaign — players can spend $9.99 USD to unlock a Premium path of tiered options, offering more rewards.

Star Trek: Timelines is available on Windows PC via Steam and Facebook, Mac via Facebook, iOS, Android and Amazon devices.


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