Two Legendary Pokémon are finally available inside Pokémon Go, but developer Niantic has said even more are on the way. Taking to a new blog post, Niantic said to soon expect Zapdos and Moltres. The pair will join Articuno and Lugio, already in-game. The

The first two Legendary Pokémon are finally available within Pokémon Go… but Trainers are having difficulty capturing them. The two Legendary Pokémon, Lugia and Articuno, can be captured by completing a Raid event with either prize. The problem is, you’re going to

Pokémon Go‘s anniversary event is now live, offering fans the chance to catch a special Ash hat Pikachu. Cute, eh? Celebrate Pokémon GO’s first year by catching Pikachu wearing Ash’s famous hat from the Pokémon animated series! —

A new Pokémon Sun and Moon distribution code will provide 5 in-game Mega Stones to power up specific Pokémon. The 5 Mega Stones will power up Banette, Blaziken, Cameruptite, Sceptile and Swampert into Banettite, Blazikenite, Cameruptite, Sceptilite and Swampertite, respectively. Here’s how

Massive changes are coming to Pokémon Go‘s Gyms, developer Niantic recently confirmed. First, players will soon be able to spin a photo disc at a Gym much like they already can at Pokéstops. More importantly, Gym battles will feature “six permanent

Nintendo used its E3 press conference to confirm a Pokémon game is in the works on Nintendo Switch. It’s early days, unfortunately — apart from the confirmation of development by Game Freak, nothing else was shared. Still, it’s exciting news; Pokkén Tournament

Pokémon Go will celebrate one year of catching ’em all with a special anniversary event. The Solstice Celebration Fire and Ice event will start at 6.00 am AEST on 14 June, just in time for E3. The event will finish on

Pokémon Gold and Silver are heading to the 3DS Virtual Console, Nintendo today announced. Available from 22 September, the pair of titles will also be compatible with the Pokémon Bank service. Pokémon Gold and Silver were first released on the

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are heading to the 3DS, Nintendo confirmed last night. An administrative error also listed the games as available for Switch, though Nintendo has quickly quashed that detail. The announcement was made as part of last night’s Pokémon-themed Nintendo

An eight minute Pokémon-centric Nintendo Direct will air early Wednesday morning, Nintendo recently confirmed. The Direct will be held at 12.01 am AEST on 7 June. It’s unclear what will be revealed during the Direct — especially this close to

Pokémon Go is set to receive player versus player (PvP) alongside Legendary Pokémon in the coming months, according to developer Niantic. Speaking with O Globo (via Go Nintendo), Niantic’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Mathieu de Fayet, said the additions will head to

An amazing series of Australian Pokémon has been designed by Scott Pilgrim vs. The World pixel artist Paul Robertson. A whopping 151 Aussie Pokémon represent the finest our country has to offer, from Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station down to the Hills Hoist. Here’s

Four Mega Stones are available for Pokémon Sun and Moon, allowing trainers to power up Pidgeot, Steelix, Heracross and Houndoom. The four Pokémon affected by the Stones aren’t available in-game, so they’ll have to be transferred into it from the Pokémon Bank

Russian YouTuber Ruslan Sokolovsky (above, right) has been found guilty of inciting hatred after posting a video playing Pokémon Go in a church. Sokolovsky’s video, in which he recorded himself playing the popular mobile game in Yekaterinburg’s Church of All

New Japanese Pokémon merchandise may be teasing, or trolling, the oft-rumoured Pokémon Stars on Switch. Then again, it might just be merch. Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips first discovered the new merch, fueling speculation with a skeptical emoji placed at the beginning of

Russian YouTube Ruslan Sokolovsky is facing up to 3.5 years in jail after playing Pokémon Go in church. According to Reuters, Sokolovsky is in violation of Russia’s blasphemy bill and faces a fine of up to half a million rubles or