During a preview session at E3, I sat with Aaron Kaufman, Senior Community Strategist and Marketing Producer at Sony Santa Monica Studio. Kaufman was able to offer up some insight into what the team was thinking going into a whole new

Sony’s 2017 E3 press conference had an air of the familiar about it, spending plenty of time digging deeper into the big reveals it stole the show with in 2016. It is great to get an extended look at God

Sony used its E3 press conference to show off more of God of War. Take a look at Kratos and son in the trailer below: With friends like these, who needs enemies? Expect more from Stevivor on God of War during E3. The

E3 2016 is over and the dust is starting to settle. At multiple times I had damned this year as the worst in recent memory before the show floor was even open, simply because it’d be the first in many

E3 2016 Analysis: Electronic Arts | Bethesda | Microsoft | Ubisoft | Sony Sony has been on a generational victory lap since June 2013 but this year they literally played Microsoft off the stage with a combination of bombastic presentations, killer

This is the best and worst news of the day. Microsoft today confirmed that the Battletoads are heading to Xbox One, but not in their own title. Rather, they’ll feature in Shovel Knight when it heads to the platform. Moreover, developer Yacht

At a special Q&A as part of last weekend’s Sony Experience, Sony’s Santa Monica Studio confirmed they’re working on the next God of War. We don’t know much about the game apart from the fact that its coming. Sony Santa

Shovel Knight is heading to PlayStation systems, and with it, a special appearance by God of War‘s Kratos. Sony’s poster child will be a special sprite in the 2D side-scroller when it arrives on PS3, PS4 and PS Vita next

Sony Santa Monica Studio has taken to Twitter in the wake of a 4.2 magnitude earthquake that hit Los Angeles 1 June to tease a new God of War. It’s been reasonably quiet thus far for Sony in the lead up to

Well, it must be a Tuesday, because I’m about to do a review and mention games like DmC: Devil May Cry and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance again. Yep, it’s time for another hack and slash game review, and yep, it’s

There’s no doubt that the first God of War collection was a triumphant success for developer Santa Monica Studios. As a result, it’s no particular surprise that they decided to follow up with another HD release featuring its other —

Let’s be honest here — up until a couple months ago, Stevivor.com was a VERY Xbox 360-centric site. NO LONGER! The staff have rounded up their favourite Sony exclusive titles in an effort to educate those in the ways of