Xbox streaming service to launch “in the next three years”


Xbox Play Anywhere, but in a different manner altogether.

Microsoft is planning to launch a streaming gaming service within the next three years, according to Xbox Head, Phil Spencer.

Speaking with Bloomberg, Spencer asserted earlier reports that Microsoft is planning to further invest in first-person Xbox content, adding more studios in-house.

More importantly, Spencer said that Microsoft would “probably debut a streaming service that doesn’t require a console for some types of content in the next three years.” He added that a streaming service was considered back in 2012, but proved too costly at the time.

Sony has a console-less streaming service available for PS4 games; called PlayStation Now, the service is not available within Australia. It lets subscribers use devices like a Sony Bravia TV and DualShock 4 controller to stream and play a selection of PS4 titles.

We’ll keep you informed as we learn more.