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Target is cancelling previously confirmed Xbox Series X pre-orders

Orders confirmed last week are now being refunded.

Update 28 September 2020 — Target Australia is now cancelling previously confirmed Xbox Series X pre-orders, almost a week after taking the full payment of $749, and sending out congratulatory order confirmations.

On September 22, the day pre-orders opened, Target sent some customers an email to say their order from earlier that day could not be processed and refunded the money. It sent others customers an email saying “congratulations, your order is confirmed”. It suggested those lucky customers had secured a console.

However, today the retailer has cancelled some of those previouly confirmed orders, saying “your order has been cancelled due to insufficient stock.” The full payment will be refunded within seven business days.

Target was something of a saviour admist the chaos of Xbox pre-order day, going live late in the day with apparent launch stock while other retailers were moving to post-launch units. It’s starting to look like it was too good to be true.

Original story 22 September 2020 — Retailer Target Australia is now knocking back (or confirming!) Xbox Series X pre-orders taken earlier in the day.

Many customers rushed to the retailer earlier this afternoon in the wake of apparent Xbox Series X shortages earlier in the day. While the retailer was quick to point out at the point of purchase that all pre-orders would need to be confirmed, seemingly individually, they were eventually cutoff entirely.

Now, users are receiving emails that read, “Your order could not be processed. For any payment taken in [order number], please allow up to seven business days for this to be refunded. Any payments made by gift card will be refunded onto your original gift card.”

As with random confirmations by EB Games made seven hours after original pre-order attempts, we advise consumers keep an eye on their emails (and their credit card statements!). On the flipside, Target’s confirmations seem to be rolling out as well, so fingers crossed!

The Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X hit store shelves on 10 November… if any are left by then, that is.

Original reporting by Steve Wright.


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