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Spider-Man story in Avengers is self-contained because of exclusivity

Funny that -- you can't have a connected narrative when two-thirds of your platforms don't have access to the character.

The Spider-Man story found within Avengers will be self-contained for the obvious reason that its PlayStation exclusivity means it can’t be part of the larger narrative.

Crystal Dynamics confirmed as much with Wccftech, first dancing around the issue with a long-winded explanation before eventually conceding that Spider-Man’s story was “absolutely” self-contained.

“Without obviously giving any spoilers, the window where you will see our version of Spider-Man will fit into our story,” Crystal Dynamics’ Shaun Ecayg began. “Again, I have to obviously dance around it because I can’t speak to it. But just know that this is our Spider-Man, he will be in our story and will fit in that world, sort of in that gap what happened A-Day and between then and now, even the villains that support that will kind of speak to how he belongs in this world and how long he lives in this world.”

“Spider-Man is in addition to the arc and progression of the main story as well,” added Vince Napoli. “There was no swapping or anything else in that line. We’ve got our plan, we’ve got our heroes that are coming out and the stories and the challenges and the gameplay escalation that we’ve planned out. That’s all continuing as planned. And then just on top of all that stuff, we’ve also got Spider-Man now and you know, he’s weaving into that, that is the key.”

Avengers heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 from 4 September and will release on Xbox Series X and PS5 when the consoles are released. A series of betas take place over this month… and to be honest, we didn’t like what was on offer.


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