Project xCloud demoed, shows Forza Horizon 4 on Android


Game streaming at its finest?

Project xCloud was today demoed by Microsoft, showing Forza Horizon 4 running on Android without the need for an Xbox One to run the software.

“Project xCloud is a cloud-based streaming service that will enable you to play anywhere we have a client,” Microsoft’s Kareem Choudhry said during today’s Inside Xbox livestream. “Anywhere you have a good network connection, you’ll be able to participate in Project xCloud.”

To prove the point, Forza Horizon 4 was streamed to an Android device and played with a wireless Xbox controller paired via Bluetooth.

“We’re developing Project xCloud not as a replacement for game consoles, but as a way to provide the same choice and versatility that lovers of music and video enjoy today,” Choudry wrote in a follow up on Xbox Wire. “We’re adding more ways to play Xbox games. We love what’s possible when a console is connected to a 4K TV with full HDR support and surround sound – that remains a fantastic way to experience console gaming.  We also believe in empowering gamers to decide when and how to play.”

You can see Project xCloud in action below; more information on the service will be provided in the coming months.