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Halo Infinite plot point potentially spoiled by Mega Bloks

It's a shame about the leak... but at least the leak itself is damn good. (Spoilers below.)

Halo Infinte Mega Bloks have potentially dropped a major spoiler in terms of a significant Halo Infinite plot point.

Redditor Kittyrules808 spotted a spoilery image of the Halo Mega Construx range — which has since been pulled — featuring a Brute wearing none other than the helmet of Halo 5 Guardians‘ Spartan Locke.

Further analysis by Eurogamer has revealed the character’s name is Hyperious, clearly a member of The Banished, a Halo Wars 2 faction that’s only recently been confirmed for Halo Infinite.

At the end of Halo 5 Guardians, Spartan Locke — love him or hate him — was very much alive. The fact that there’s a Brute wearing a key part of his armour makes it seem like he’s not doing so well in the years after. Time will tell… though truth be told, I never really liked the guy. Good riddance (#TeamChief).

The outlet also has uncovered a new vehicle called a Skiff alongside a new Mega Bloks Pelican playset.

Halo Infinite will be featured in July 2020’s Xbox 20/20 edition alongside a host of other first-party games heading to Xbox One and Xbox Series X. The presentation is rumoured to take place on 24 July.


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