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Halo Infinite teases return of The Banished

Prepare yourselves, Spartans.

A new Halo Infinite teaser trailer has confirmed The Banished will be part of the upcoming shooter.

“The hour approaches. Forces occupy the ring. Within hours, it will be under our control. Humanity will burn,” a transmission in the video, below, declares.

“The brazen defiance will be all but a memory. No more Prophets. No more lies. We stand together, brothers to the end. We are his will, we are his legacy, we are The Banished.”

For those unaware, The Banished featured as a playable faction within Halo Wars 2, comprised mainly of Brutes but also including other Covenant races like Hunters, Elites and Grunts.

While it’s unclear if Atriox, the leader of The Banished and the antagonist of Halo Wars 2 will appear in Halo Infinite, it’s not a stretch to expect the return of Brutes as enemies.

We’ll have more on Halo Infinite as it’s announced — the game will feature in a July Inside Xbox livestream as part of Xbox 20/20.

Halo Infinite heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X this holiday season.


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