Fallout 76 NPC DLC delayed into 2020


The Wasteland remains a lonely place.

Fallout 76 NPC DLC has been delayed into the first quarter of 2020, Bethesda Game Studios today advised.

The Wasterlanders DLC, first announced back at E3 2019, has been delayed over quality concerns. That’s funny in itself, because Fallout 76 itself could have used a delay for those same reasons.

“Wastelanders is turning out to be one of the largest expansions we’ve ever done,” Bethesda said of the update. “It’s going to need more time to be the best, most polished update it can be. We’ve continued to re-evaluate and change our processes to make sure the work we’re doing hits our quality bar, and yours.

As an apology, Bethesda also confirmed that private servers will be available from next week.

Fallout 76 is currently available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.