Pokemon Sword and Shield Gigantamax makes chonks out of Gen 1 Pokemon


There's a catch, though...

Pokemon Sword and Shield will provide Gigantamax forms of Generation 1 Pokemon like Pikachu and Eevee, Nintendo has recently confirmed.

Gigantamaxing is an even more powerful form of Dynamaxing and makes for a gigantic Pokemon. While you really can’t appreciate that from the animated images we’ve placed above, you get a better idea of how chonky ol’ Pikachu is from an in-game screenshot, below.

See? Chonk. Pikachu.

Other Gen 1 Pokemon confirmed for Gigantamaxing include Meowth, Butterfree and Charizard. There is a catch though — you’ll need save data from Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee for the gigantic Eevee, or Let’s Go Pikachu for the gigantic Pikachu. See what Nintendo did there?

Pokemon Sword and Shield heads to Nintendo Switch on 15 November.