Each of Avengers free heroes will have a $10 USD Challenge Card

While Avengers will offer up free post-launch heroes, each will offer a $10 USD Challenge Card to those looking to splash some cash.

“We’ve activated the premium Hero Challenge Card rewards for all 6 starting heroes at launch, so you can earn and enjoy all content across the 40 tiers for free,” Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics said on the game’s website.

“When we introduce new Hero Challenge Cards for post-launch heroes, the cost to activate the premium rewards will be 1,000 Credits.”

While the Challenge Card is of course optional and the heroes provided are free, some fans are still calling this move a cash grab — what do you make of it? The first free post-launch hero will be Hawkeye… though PlayStation players will also eventually gain access to Spider-Man in this manner.

Avengers heads to Windows PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Stadia where available from 4 September, though some will play from 1 September. A release on Xbox Series X and PS5 follow later in the year. We previewed it here.

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