Resident Evil 2 Young Escapee guide: Get that Achievement/Trophy!


Spoilers lie within.

Resident Evil 2 is finally out now, and we’ve a guide that’ll earn the game’s Young Escapee Achievement/Trophy with ease.

Spoilers start here.

This Achievement/Trophy/Record deals with the game’s new area, the Orphanage. When you start in the area as Sherry Birkin, you’ll have one minute — 60 seconds — to get out of the bedroom you find yourself in.

Let’s get to it!

Resident Evil 2 Young Escapee guide

To earn the Achievement or Trophy, do perform the following actions as quickly as you can:

  1. Turn around and grab the Stuffed Doll
  2. Inspect the Stuffed Doll for the Block
  3. Use the Block on the puzzle near the doorway
  4. Move the 2nd block to the 1st position
  5. Move the 3rd block to the 2nd position
  6. Rotate the 1st block twice (hitting down on your d-pad or thumbstick)
  7. Rotate the 3rd block once (hitting down on your d-pad or thumbstick)
  8. Rotate the 4th block three times (hitting down on your d-pad or thumbstick)
  9. Grab the Scissors
  10. Use the Scissors on the cardboard box/wall behind you.
  11. Crouch down and go through the new opening.

Note: It appears as if the puzzle is randomised each time, but the position of the blocks (Steps 1-5) always is the same. If you’re finding you need to rotate the blocks in a different arrangement, you can quit and reload the sequence to get in under one minute.

You’ll get an Achievement/Trophy toast as soon as you crouch through and get into the new room. If not, quit and restart from that checkpoint. Good luck!

Resident Evil 2 is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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