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Journey to the Savage Planet Floopsnoot Matriarch guide

Another boss battle? No problem.

Journey to the Savage Planet is out now and this guide is all about beating its second boss, the Floopsnoot Matriarch (or Floopsnoot Queen, depending on who you ask).

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You’ll run into the Matriarch naturally as part of the main story; defeating her is necessary to continue forward. Beating her will net you the Floopsnoot Queen Defeated Achievement or Trophy.

As you enter the area, you’ll notice it’s a long, cylindrical shaft. For each battle segment, you’ll need to kick it off by shooting the Queen in her open eye; from there, you’ll need to circle around her body and find yellow glowing orbs to shoot. While doing this, you’ll also need to take note (and deal with) the small flying enemies that will continue to spawn.

If you run low on health, make sure to head to the bottom of the shaft and take advantage of health plants.

As you continue, the general attack strategy doesn’t change, but you’ll also need to throw acid at amber to gain access to the shootable yellow orb. Rinse, repeat, and you’ll be done in no time.

Journey to the Savage Planet is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4; we reviewed the game here and spoke with Aussie Alex Hutchinson about it here.


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