Xbox Series X data transfer speeds compared to Xbox One X

Stevivor’s in the midst of a Xbox Series X preview program, and today’s tests were all about the times it took to transfer data from an external HDD to its internal SSD. We also compared the same with its older brother, the Xbox One X, and its internal HDD.

As we’ve detailed in our Xbox Series X loading time testing, the next-gen console sports sports a 1TB Custom NVME SSD that works as part of its Velocity Architexture, promising blistering speeds when playing and transfering titles.

The timings below begin with minutes, then seconds, then milliseconds. They also list the file sizes of the games transferred. We’ll continue to add to this list as we test more titles.

Data transfer speeds from external HDD to internal HDD/SSD

Today’s tests involved copying games from a single WD Elements 2TB portable USB 3.0 hard drive onto either internal drive.

Game Name File Size Xbox One X
transfer time
Xbox Series X
transfer time
Alien Isolation 24.41GB 10:44:04 05:31:24
Doom Eternal 44.85GB 14:32:26 09:30:37
Forza Horizon 3 51.41GB 24:52:19 10:55:35
Gears 4 116.8GB 36:18:12 26:21:14
Halo: The Master
Chief Collection
104.93GB 29:35:24 21:53:08
Hellblade: Senua’s
15.37GB 03:44:05 02:53:13
Ori and the Will of
the Wisps
5.70GB 02:07:28 01:37:04
Resident Evil 3 21.98GB 07:17:40 04:20:49
Resident Evil 5 15.95GB 04:03:15 03:19:06
Resident Evil 6 17.8GB 05:21:34 04:25:17
Star Trek Online 20.83GB 06:37:24 04:09:21
Tomb Raider
Definitive Edition
20.96GB 07:38:27 04:03:07


From our testing above, we’ve concluded that the Xbox Series X will copy games from an external HDD at an average rate of 1GB per 11.21 seconds as compared to the Xbox One X at 1 GB per 20.57 seconds.

Data transfer speeds from internal SSD to external HDD

We didn’t bother testing Xbox One X speeds here — largely due to time — but because we felt that it was more important to gauge how long it would take to move games from the Xbox Series X’s internal storage to an external HDD when you’re full up.

These timings start with hours, then minutes, then seconds, then miliseconds.

Game Name File Size Xbox Series X
transfer time
Alien Isolation 24.41GB 00:14:33:22
Doom Eternal 44.85GB 00:28:32:06
Forza Horizon 3 51.41GB 00:40:28:29
Gears 4 116.8GB 01:38:54:21
Hellblade: Senua’s
15.37GB 00:06:26:19
Ori and the Will of
the Wisps
5.70GB 00:03:45:27
Resident Evil 3 21.98GB 00:09:01:01
Resident Evil 5 15.95GB 00:07:14:17
Resident Evil 6 17.8GB 00:07:45:09
Star Trek Online 20.83GB 00:11:45:15
Tomb Raider
Definitive Edition
20.96GB 00:13:37:11

From this testing, we’ve concluded that the Xbox Series X can transfer from its internal drive to a USB 3.0-powered external hard drive at an average rate of 1GB per 34.10 seconds.

Data transfer speeds from the Xbox Series internal SSD to expansion card

Games are large nowadays, and you’ll need to juggle stuff between internal memory, older USB 3.0-powered hard drives and the Xbox Series 1TB expansion card offered through Seagate.

It’s important to note that Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One games can be played from USB 3.0 hard drives and don’t need to be installed inside Xbox Series internal or expansion card storage. While older games won’t see increased loading times from older drives, they’ll still get boosts to framerate, resolution, auto HDR and Quick Resume.

Related: Here’s the Xbox Series Quick Resume functionality at work

With that in mind, here’s how long it takes to transfer games from the internal Xbox Series X memory to a 1TB expansion card.

These timings start with minutes, then seconds, then miliseconds.

Game Name File Size Xbox Series X
transfer time
Avengers 58.50GB 01:35:01
Control 59.40GB 01:55:02
Destiny 2 108.10GB 02:44:04
Doom Eternal 44.85GB 01:08:29
Forza Horizon 3 51.12GB 01:40:02
Gears of War 4 117.78GB 02:55:24
Journey to the
Savage Planet
6.47GB 00:15:17
The Outer Worlds 45.08GB 01:06:16
Resident Evil 3 21.98GB 00:32:20


Howzat for fast? Our tests concluded that the average speed of an Xbox Series X internal SSD to 1TB expansion card transfer is 1GB every 1.7 seconds.

The Xbox Series S & X head to store shelves on 10 November.

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