Xbox Series X time to restart & power up compared to Xbox One X

Another day, another gruelling test of the Xbox Series X by Stevivor as part of a special preview program. Today we’re measuring the time it takes for the Xbox Series X to restart, comparing that to the current-gen Xbox One X.

While there are many ways to restart the Xbox Series X, we’ve chronicled a couple. With each, we’ll detail how the unit was powered on.

Time to start from fully powered off state

Our first test compares both the Xbox Series X and Xbox One X from a fully powered off state to a started state.

For the purposes of this test, we started each console’s recording at the same time we pressed its physical power button.

In the test, the Xbox One X powered up in 58.08 seconds, while the Xbox Series X did the same in 20.18 seconds.

Time to restart via Guide button > Restart

Our next text restarted each console by holding down the Guide (or Xbox) button and selecting Restart from the menu that appears.

The Xbox One X restarted in a time of 1 minute 33 seconds, while the Xbox Series X restarted in 48.05 seconds.

Time to restart via Power > Restart

For this test, we’ve opted to use the Settings > Power > Restart route to perform today’s test. As always, we’ve recorded the process on both the Xbox Series X and Xbox One X, timing it all the while.

While the Xbox One X took 1 minute and 16 seconds to ready up, the Xbox Series X has slashed that to 48.38 seconds. Take a look for yourself, below.

Time to restart via Alternate MAC clear

Our final test measures times the time taken when the Xbox Series X is restarted via Network Settings > Advanced > Alternate MAC clear, then comparing that to the same journey on the Xbox One X.

(This is our favourite way to properly restart an Xbox, by the way!).

In the test, the Xbox One X took 1 minute 18 seconds, while the Xbox Series X took 48.50 seconds.

The Xbox Series S & X head to store shelves on 10 November. Head here for our Xbox Series X Preview in progress.

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