It appears that Oculus and Microsoft have teamed up to take on Sony’s Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) headset. At Oculus’ pre-E3 conference today, the company declared its Rift VR headset will be available in early 2016. Moreover, the Rift

Oculus today confirmed that its will host a livestreamed E3 press conference from San Francisco on 11 June at 10.00 am PST. That corresponds to 3.00 am AEST on 12 June. The news was accompanied by Oculus’ new branding and

The Oculus Rift, the original VR headset originally prototyped through Kickstarter, is finally going to be a consumer product in Q1 2016, a blog post on the Oculus site announced today. More information will be released over the coming weeks,

Speaking at an SXSW panel over the weekend, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey restated his confidence that Oculus will be the best VR headset available, but seemed to backtrack on statements made about the device launching before the end of 2015.

ZeniMax recently filed a legal notice against John Carmack, id Software founder, accusing him of taking “ZeniMax’s intellectual property with him to Oculus”. The The Wall Street Journal reported on the suit, saying id Software claims Carmack’s taken software directly to