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Japanese developers weigh in on the future of VR

In a recent issue of the Weekly Famitsu, 25 games developers and a range of gamers were surveyed regarding the future of VR regarding video games.

Across a series of questions the developers revealed whether they were developing a VR game, whether they would purchase an Oculus Rift, what they hoped the price of PlayStation VR would be and if they believed VR would become mainstream, among others.

Unsurprisingly, 94% of the group said that they were interested in VR, however only 67% confirmed they were developing a VR title. Only 8% of gamers were intending to purchase an Oculus Rift. This may have to do with the Oculus price which 86% of those surveyed believed was high.

Only 33% of both the developers and gamers believed VR would become mainstream in the industry. The developers on average hoped for a price point of around $353 USD for PlayStation VR while gamers were willing to go slightly higher to $441 USD.

What are your hopes for VR?