We’ve been putting a bunch of Alienware tech to the test of late, finding the 17” laptop a bulky powerhouse and the Aurora desktop a perfectly-suited tower. Still, the fact remains: we’ve never gotten our mitts on a gaming laptop

Alienware and Dell have used E3 2017 to launch a new range of gaming PCs and components. First, two new versions of the Alienware Area-51 were announced, sporting “top-of-the-line processors… for diehard performance enthusiasts demanding the absolute best gaming experience,”

Alienware’s new 17 inch laptop is pretty great, but for two problems: its size and weight make it more of a desktop than anything else. When compared to desktops, it unfortunately falls short, especially when it comes to upgrades and

Dell today announced new gaming laptops and desktops in the Inspiron and Alienware ranges. The flagship Alienware laptop range, available from 6 January, starts at an entry point of $2099 AUD. Alienware 13, 15 and 17 laptops will feature 7th Gen

The chance to try out an Alienware 17 R4 has given me a newfound appreciation of PC gaming. Rather than sticking to Xbox Play Anywhere titles like Forza Horizon 3 or ReCore, I thought it better to expand my horizons,

A console guy through and through, I care more if my latest PC will run Adobe Creative Suite rather than Battlefield 1. That said, when an Alienware 17 comes across your desk, it’s hard to say no. Keep in mind

Alienware is now twenty-years old, and Vice President and General Manager, Alienware and Dell XPS, Frank Azor, was on hand at PAX AUS to celebrate. “We were in a mode of discovery I would say, for the first year and

From over 2,250 eligible entries received, a panel of judges has decided upon three contest winners in our Alienware 17 gaming laptop extravaganza! We had so many different entries to consider, but the winning three were all written in clever

Thanks to the amazing people at Alienware, Stevivor’s got a state-of-the-art new Alienware 17 laptop to give away to a very lucky reader! Known to push the limits in developing and delivering the best gaming products, Alienware is celebrating its 20th

For years now Alienware has been one of the leading manufacturers in pre-built gaming computers, consistently offering quality rigs for those who don’t want to go through the process of researching and constructing their own PC. Unfortunately, that quality has always

Alienware PC Development and Planning Manager, Joe Olmsted, has told Engadget that VR rigs will be to 2016 what the Nintendo Wii was to 2006. “I don’t know if you remember but ten years ago it was hard to get

Alienware is set to launch a new gaming lounge in Sydney’s Chatswood, celebrating 20 years of business. From 18 August, City Hunter will be transformed into Alienware Live AU, a new centre that will boast 28 high-end gaming PCs. “For

Alienware has rolled out four new computers at E3 all of which are “VR-optimized”, timed perfectly for the brand’s 20th anniversary. The new systems are pretty much all making use of the newly announced Nvidia Pascal graphics cards and the

The Australian Financial Review today reports that Melbourne’s Zero Latency is set to open a similar virtual reality (VR) zombie experience in Tokyo. Zero Latency’s tech will power VR headsets in a permanent warehouse-sized VR centre in Tokyo through a

I lived my nightmare. No, not zombies… though they are the creatures of nightmares. You know that falling dream everyone has? For a brief moment, I got far too close to it for comfort. Our squad was tasked with crossing

Alienware today announced that its Steam Machine will make an appearance at PAX AUS this month ahead of a planned Q1 2016 release. “We’re always innovating at Alienware. Last year we launched our new range of laptops and Area 51