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Star Trek Online new DS9 expansion available now on PC

And we've got a great new map of Deep Space Nine to help you find your way around.

Star Trek Online‘s new DS9 expansion, Victory is Life, is available now on PC and Mac.

The expansion centres around Captain Kira and Bajor’s Deep Space Nine space station, bringing beloved characters like Odo, Dr. Bashir, Quark, Nog, Leeta, Martok and more into the fold.

Check out the expansion’s launch trailer below:

It’s a good time to be a Trekkie, eh?

To aid players around the completely rebuilt, newly realistic in-game Deep Space Nine, we present players with a handy map made by Redditor Sirboulevard:

The redesigned station is a truly a makeover worthy of celebrating the 25th anniversary of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Moreover, players can take advantage of a special Alienware promotion to redeem a Duty Officer Pack and Tier 2 Rhode Island Starship. To do so, head here.

Star Trek Online is available on Windows PC, Mac, Xbox One and PS4. The Victory is Life expansion is available on PC and Mac from today, and will head to consoles in the future.


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