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Inside Review: Limbo Evolved

Seeing as how Playdead’s newest is a timed Microsoft exclusive, it would have been perfect to name it Limbo: Puzzles Evolved rather than Inside. Those...


Review: The Marvellous Miss Take

For many games stealth is merely a prelude to murder, if not an outlet for it. Silently choking guards, hiding bodies in dark corners and sneaking over...


Review: Screencheat

If you ever wanted to excite me, have a little bird tell me that Goldeneye 64 is making a comeback. I put hundreds of hours into that game, in both single- and...


Review: Wasteland 2

Release day has arrived, so it’s time to move our look at Wasteland 2 from preview to review. The code has been polished and inXile have given the nod of...