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Mighty No. 9’s Trophy list revealed

Exophase today reported on the Trophy list for the upcoming Mighty No. 9. Check out the Trophies below: Brave the Gauntlet: Complete all themes in single...


Mighty No. 9’s demo quietly delayed

The date Mighty No. 9‘s demo was supposed to be available has come and gone. Developer Concept quietly snuck in a delay to the mod as part of a regular...


Mighty No. 9 delayed to 2016

It turns out the delays for Mighty No. 9 extend beyond the physical versions of the game, as Comcept today announced to Kickstarter backers that Mighty No. 9...


Mighty No. 9 could be delayed to 2016

Polygon is reporting that various online retailers including Amazon and Gamestop have updated their release dates for physical copies of Mighty No. 9 to 2016...


E3 2015 Preview: Mighty No. 9

Going hands on with Mighty No. 9 it’s easy to see Mega Man’s influence. Heck, I’d go even further. Mighty No. 9 is Mega Man, just by another...