Mighty No. 9: Some backers have yet to receive their DLC


Mighty No. 9 launch day problems continue to escalate, with some users reporting they’ve not received their promised DLC.

Users have taken to Steam’s forums to report that they’ve received two Humble Bundle keys that contain the same DLC content rather than the two actual packages promised. Those who’ve backed the game’s crowdfunding scheme are to receive the game’s “Retro Hero” and “Ray” DLC packs, letting you play as an 8-bit hero or Mighty No. 9‘s villain.

Moreover, Polygon is reporting that those who’ve received PlayStation Network codes are finding they’re either invalid or, worse, that they haven’t received a code yet.

We’ve already reported that the game has experienced a launch day delay on Xbox 360, Mac and Linux.

Meanwhile, creator Keiji Inafune seems to be ignoring the issues and trying to focus on the… um… positive.

“So, for now, this is what you see and what you get, for the Mighty No. 9 world,” he said in a recent livestream, also indicating the game won’t have any other DLC. “But, again, we can hope that if things go well, there’ll be sequels. Because I’ll tell you what, I’m not getting my 2D side-scrolling fill. And at the end of the day, even if it’s not perfect, it’s better than nothing. At least, that’s my opinion.”

Mighty No. 9 is available now. Mostly.