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Far Cry 6 Preview: A World of new features

Keep reading and you'll see what we did there with that title.

Far Cry 6 gameplay has just debuted, and ahead of this time Stevivor was able to go through a hands-off preview of what to expect.

Speaking with Benjamin Hall, World Director on Far Cry 6, we learned that new features will be added to the title including holstering your weapon for the purposes of exploration alongside new mini-hubs called guerrilla camps.

“The holstering system that we’ve developed for Far Cry 6 was something that was key again as part of Dani being a Yaran,” Hall told Stevivor. “They know people and they can blend in with people and disappear into the landscape.

“It was important for us to be able to create the sensation of exploration because as a guerilla, you need to be able to scout places out. With the holstering system, as long as you’re outside of a military restricted zone, as long as you keep away from the military [and] you don’t get too close, as long as you don’t cause any trouble, you can put your weapons away and you’ll be able to go [and explore the world].”

Hall also confirmed that players will be rewarded for exploration with items like expanded lore and upgrade paths.

“Exploration is a really big part of Far Cry 6. We looked [at the story from]… two lenses: how would it work for the guerrillas and how would it work for Anton and his army.

“When it came to the guerrilla side, you know they’re underpowered. They don’t have access to tanks and helicopters and airplanes and all these kinds of things. So it was important for us to find these ways in which the guerrillas could go out and explore the world.

“[You can] find these interesting things and then go and speak to people like Cortez who’s going to work with you on building things like… supremo backpacks. [To] try and shift the balance of power from the military to the guerrillas.”

Hall stressed that Ubisoft Toronto is committed to making Yara “the most ambitious world” seen in Far Cry to date, “crafted to make the player truly feel like they’re exploring an entire country and not just a single region.”

This has been done by what Hall calls a “diversity of landscapes and landmarks” that range from “jungles, beaches and swamps to villages towns and cities,” alongside Far Cry‘s iconic outposts.

“[Outposts are back] with a few new features to make them even more interesting to tackle,” he said. “As the control of Anton’s military spreads, they’ve taken over schools, TV stations, museums, farms and many other locations that used to belong to the people of Yara. Capture them one at a time and fly the flag for liberty.”

Far Cry 6 adds guerrilla paths and camps to help enhance the world. Paths created during a previous revolution will serve guerrillas in the current day, allowing forces “a sprawling network of hidden paths all around the island” in order to bypass the military. The paths also will offer up “valuable gear, intel and vantage points,” Hall confirmed.

As for guerrilla camps themselves, they’re mini-hubs used by Dani and his allies to “hide from Anton forces, to plan their attacks and to regroup after a fight.

“This will be the hub where the player prepares for battle, and where most mission givers can be found,” he continued. “The camps are hidden all across the landscape of Yara.”

Like the new holstering system, the camps will also be used to flesh out the world of Yara and the people who reside within it.

“We really wanted to work on these spaces as being a safe zone,” Hall continued. “It’s a place where the guerrillas can hang out or away from the military, so you get to learn a little bit more about the people when they when they gather [with] weapons down. It’s the place where [guerrillas will] sit around the fire. Things are discussed. Things are talked about.”

Like the paths, guerrilla camps will also open up additional gameplay options.

“You can actually upgrade the guerrilla camps throughout the progress of the game, and they’re going to give you different inlets into extra parts and different parts of the game,” Hall confirmed.

Far Cry 6 heads to Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5 and Stadia from 7 October. Check out our first preview from way back in July 2020.

Far Cry 6

7 October 2021
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