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Friendly Fire Show: We’re on a break til E3, but here’s last year’s show ’cause reasons

The next episode of The Friendly Fire Show has been delayed until 2016…oh wait, I mean two weeks until (approximately) 17 June. Sorry, force of habit.

We regret to inform you there will be no chicken chat, outrageous segues or updates on our amiibo collections this week.

We’re taking a short break while we prepare for E3, so there will be no episode this week or next. But we’ll make it up to you, listener, with a double dose during E3!

We’ll have two episodes that week, beginning shortly after the press conferences and another after we’ve seen everything on the showroom floor.

That will take us to episode 99 (not out). Assuming we all survive the rigours of a gaming convention with our sanity intact, and that’s never a guarantee, we’ll celebrate our 100th episode the week following E3.

Speaking of E3, why not relive the highs and lows of our E3 2014 Special. Part 1 is excellent by our own admission. Part 2 is, well, beer is very, very cheap in America. They won’t be recorded back-to-back this year because it clearly violates health and safety regulations.

You can find part 2 right here.

If that’s not enough, we have 97 episodes available right now, totally devoid of facts.

Highlights include our crush on Wild Hunt in #96, a look back at 2014 in #79, the intervention in #68, the Nintendo #64 special, our surprise at celebrating #50 episodes, and evolving from a cast to a show in#42, when we found a bloke called Shane in a pub who taught us how to use microphones — that was back when Tano was merely a special guest star.

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