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Friendly Fire Show 136: E3 2019 predictions

We'll be impressed if we get a single prediction right.

Steve and Ben are back a week early with a special episode they recorded in the same city. Welcome to Friendly Fire Show episode 136!

This week, the boys have focused on pre-E3 shenanigans, going through first- and third-party publishers and attempting to predict what each will present during its press conference. Or, you know, also talking about those publishers who aren’t going to be there at all. E3 is changing, y’all!

You can head here to get a listing of all E3 2019 press conferences in Australian time.

We’re (always) a bit rusty, so feel free to take to the comments area or social media #friendlyfireshow hashtag to let us know what you think of the show. Also, we’d be keen to hear of your pre-E3 predictions ahead of the big event in June!

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