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The turning point for Battlefield was moving to consoles with Bad Company – DICE

DICE considers the “turning point” for the Battlefield series moving to consoles in full force with Battlefield: Bad Company in 2008.

There was some speculation earlier in the week today’s Battlefield announcement could have been for Battlefield: Bad Company 3. While that didn’t happen – Battlefield 1 was announced – the developer has massive respect for the sub-series.

Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Producer Andreas Morell had nothing but good things to say about Battlefield 1942, before glossing over Battlefield Vietnam and Battlefield 2 (and not even mentioning Battlefield 2142).

However, he identified Bad Company as the defining moment for the series, by opening it up to a larger audience.

“I would say the turning point for the franchise was 2008 when the Battlefield: Bad Company series was introduced,” he said.

“It really opened up the game and the franchise to a wider audience and people that might not have necessary played it before.

Battlefield 3 [and] Battlefield 4 followed, and lastly Hardline done by the great guys over at Visceral [Games]. This second generation of games brought destruction and dynamic experiences to a whole new level.”

A version of Battlefield 2 was released for Xbox, PS2 and Xbox 360 (called Modern Combat), but Bad Company marked the first time a Battlefield game was really cross-platform. Since then, all major Battlefield releases have been multiplatform on PC and consoles. The small release exceptions are Battlefield Play4FreeBattlefield Heroes and Battlefield Online (Korea only) only on PC and Battlefield 1943 only on consoles.

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