Switch Lite’s d-pad won’t be added to original Switch Joy-Cons


No d-pad for you.

While people are of mixed minds over today’s Switch Lite announcement, a majority of gamers are quite happy with Nintendo’s decision to add a proper d-pad to the new handheld console. Sadly, Nintendo’s already confirmed that d-pad won’t make its way to the original Switch’s detachable Joy-Cons.

“There are no plans, or nothing to announce, in terms of further variations of Joy-Con,” Nintendo’s Doug Bowser confirmed with CNET.

“We believe the two systems will complement each other and coexist in the market,” Bowser continued, asserting the Lite’s positioning as a “compact, lightweight, dedicated gaming device.”

If you missed it, the Switch Lite will be available in September, offering a version of the Switch without detachable Joy-Cons or the ability to play in docked mode. It’s a straight-up handheld device on offer for $329.95 AUD.