Spider-Man New Game+, Ultimate difficultly now available


Surprise -- it wasn't as delayed as you might have thought.

Spider-Man New Game+ mode was pushed out over the weekend alongside the game’s new Ultimate difficulty setting.

The addition is good news for those disappointed by developer Insomniac Games’ confirmation the mode wasn’t coming in update 1.07 — it came a day later in update 1.08. Moreover, two new Trophies — to complete the game in New Game+ and to complete it in Ultimate difficulty — were also added to the mix as part of the two new updates.

The updates are ahead of the release of Spider-Man’s first piece of DLC story content, The Heist. The DLC will put Spidey against Black Cat. It will also add three new Spidey suits to the game.

Are you going to jump into New Game+ and take Peter through his paces once again? If so, are you brave enough to try Ultimate difficulty?

Spider-Man is out now on PS4. We’ve a series of guides that you can also use right here.